Age: c1830
Made by: A. Abraham
Made in: Liverpool, England
Gould-Style microscope by Abraham of Liverpool, No. 40
This is a Gould-style box microscope made by Abraham of Liverpool England. It consists of a a single rectangular pillar bolted to the top of a mahogany base. The round base of the pillar has a hole that accepts the mounting pin of the gimbal mirror. The back edge of the support pillar has machined threads that form half of the rack & pinion focus mechanism. The pinion gear is screwed to the back of the stage support. When focusing the stage moves relative to the stationary microscope body. The stage is a modified Bonanni spring stage. It has two holes in the top plate to accept the two stage accessories: a forceps and bull's eye lens. On the side of the rectangular support pillar is engraved "Abraham, Liverpool". The microscope body is typical Gould-style with separate, threaded objectives (now missing), an integrated field lens, and a two-lens eyepiece. Imaging is not possible because of the missing objective lenses.

Abraham Abraham was a scientific instrument maker living in Liverpool, England. He was active 1818–1850, where he had several shops all located on Lord St. In 1840 his company name was changed to Abraham and Co. Abraham was the only microscope maker in Liverpool. He is known to have made an ivory rule, barometer, spectroscope, chronometer, compass, sector, and the microscope displayed here. Only one other Cuff-style microscope by Abraham is known.

The instrument is 30cm tall.

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Abraham, Liverpool