Monocular Compound Brass Microscope (No. 59)

Age:  1850-1880
Made by: Unknown
Made in: Unknown

This specimen is a monocular compound microscope made of brass. It is mounted on rectangular wooden case (21x12x4.5cm), which doubles as the storage container for the disassembled microscope and accessories. The substage mirror is attached to the base of the hollow support pillar. Focus is by rack and pinion movement of the stage. A bull's-eye epi-illuminating glass is attached to body tube by a hinged arm. There is only one objective with this microscope. It has a single biconvex lens and is marked "11". The body tube optics consist of an eyepiece (with a single lens), a field lens, and the objective.

There is only one accessory: A stage-mounted sample forceps. Included are two prepared microscope slides: one of bird feathers and the other of fish scales.

This microscope is similar to microscope 7262 of the Museum Boerhaave dated 1800–1825.

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