Hand-held Magnifier for liquid samples (No. 254 )

Age: 1845–1855
Made by: James Mackay Bryson
Made in: Edinburgh, Scottland

This is a simple, hand-held microscope made of bronze. It has a curving arm with small flat piece of bone at the handle end. It focuses by a brass screw to move the attached sample stage. Samples were applied to round coverslips then placed, sample down, onto the focusing plate. The instrument is carried within a small fitted box with red leather cover. This type of hand-held microscope was invented by Dr. Wm. Gairdner of Edinburgh for the examination of objects in fluids, and manufactured by J.M. Bryson of Edinburgh, Scottland.

Son of Robert Bryson; brother of Alexander and Robert Bryson; worked under Repsold in Hamburg, 1843, and later under Merz in Munich; set up as an optician in 1850; worked independently; member of the Edinburgh Merchant Company; instruments are usually signed "Bryson Edinburgh". This instrument is signed "Bryson Edin r".

Thanks to RM for photographic assistance.

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