Polarized Light Compound Microscope (No. 218)

Age:  c1880
Made by: Unknown
Made in: Unknown, but probably England
Nicol prism generates polarized light
This unsigned, all brass monocular compound microscope is patterned after the popular Ross models of the mid-19th Century. Andrew Ross (1798-1859) microscopes are characterized by the Y-shaped foot, heavy supports, or trunnions, and limb & arm mechanism that carries the body tube.

This microscope comes with two objectives attached to a pivoting mount, has both coarse and fine focus, a detachable epi-illuminating lens, and magnetic slide holder. There are two condensers: one fitted with a Nicol polarizer, the other is an "Achromatic" condenser. A four-position substage stop (with no optics) is also included. Additional accessories are selenite test slides and a live-box specimen holder. The microscope is 17 inches tall.

This polarizing microscope, or "Polariscope" includes a Nicol prism polarizer, that screws into the stage (shown), and a Nicol prism analyzer that screws into either objective. The microscope is shown here with the optional neutral density filter (above the eyepiece). This specimen comes with a mahogany carrying and accessory case.

Thanks to RM for photographic expertise.

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