English Drum Microscope (No. 202)

Age:  1850
Made by: Unknown
Made in: England
Sample fish scale
This instrument is a fine example of a Drum microscope manufactured in London c1850. An early Drum Microscope such as this consists of a body tube suspended above the specimen platform by a tubular base. The microscope body is pushed closer to or further from the specimen to focus. Often Drum microscope have a lead-weighted base, however this one does not. In this instrument the supporting base has a full cutout allowing the sample to extend through the base. Other drum microscopes of this era exhibit only a partial cutout (e.g., microscope no. 29). The optics consist of a single plano-convex eyelens, bi-convex field lens, and with this specimen a single bi-convex objective lens. There are two accessories with this instrument: a brass specimen forceps and a sample slide labeled "Ecaille de poisson". The microscope is 15–17cm tall.

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