Objectives included on the stand:
Objectives included in the carrying case:
8mm N.A. 0.65, Tubus 250mm 0,16, Carl Zeiss, Jena
6.0mm Apert 0.95 w/CG correction 1.0–2.0, Tubus 250mm
C. Zeiss Jena
4.0mm Apert 0.95 w/CG correction, Tubus 250mm,
C. Zeiss Jena
3.0mm Apert 1.40 Homog. Immersion, Tubusl. 250mm,
C. Zeiss Jena
AA "4199" C. Zeiss
DD 0,18 C. Zeiss
1/12 Homog Immersion, C. Zeiss
The drawtube is calibrated 14–19.