Compound microscope body. Optics consist of the Huygenian eyepiece and achromatic objective.
Low magnification doublets (L) for use with the simple configuration. High magnification objectives (brass, R) are used for the compound configuration. The object on the right is an aperture that is used with high magnification objectibe No. 6.
The doublets have 8mm or 2cm focal length.
Huygenian eyepiece No. 2
The Huygenian eyepiece consists of two plano-convex lenses set with the flat sides facing out
A condenser is mounted under the stage press-fit onto a descending pillar.
The condenser can be swung out of the optic axis. The lens optic is missing.
The illuminating mirror is 3.2cm diameter. It has two reflecting surfaces: plane and concave.