Nachet Drum Microscope (No. 136)

Age:  1847–1853
Made by: Camille-Sébastien Nachet
Made in: France

This is an all brass, drum microscope made by Camille-Sébastien Nachet in his Paris shop. The microscope has a heavy brass base that encloses the single-sided illuminating mirror. The microscope body slides into a brass sleeve, and together they are supported by a solid pillar attached at the back of the base. There is only one focus mechanism. Adjustment is effected by a vertical screw that moves the top stage up or down. There is a single Huygenian eyepiece, but no objective lenses with this specimen. The microscope has no field lens. Beneath the stage is a 5-position, rotating field stop. The microscope is 25cm tall.

The body tube is engraved on the upper portion:

Nachet Opticien
Rue des Grands Augustins 1

Nachet instruments are difficult to date since they were given no serial number. However, several collectors have contributed information that helps identification. See Neumeyer, Meeusen, and Mortimer.

Camille Sébastien Nachet started work as an optician in 1839 or 1840. Son Jean Alfred joined the firm sometime between 1849 and 1854. Alfred and grandson Albert Nachet purchased the Oberhaeuser instrument company in 1896. Alfred and Albert were both in charge of Nachet company in 1896, but it was only Alfred who signed the deed of sale, strangely enough his son Albert wasn't mentioned.*

This instrument was part of the original Nachet Collection (#86).

*J. Meeusen pers. comm.

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