Lens systems of this microscope consist of the single biconvex eyepiece lens (A, dia=1.8cm, f=4.0cm) inserted at the top of the drawtube, and the biconvex objective lens (B, dia=1.0cm, f=1.5cm). The ornamented Field Tube (C) holds two plano-convex lenses at either end. The two lenses have their curved surfaces facing each other. Divini stated that this arrangement produced a flatter field of view. The tube is inserted completely within the bottom tube (arrow below and right).

Lenses of microscope 124

Field tube (arrow). This paper covered lignum vitae tube inserts fully within the brass microscope body tube. It has two lenses held in place by a tortoise shell retaining ring at the top or a metal retaining ring for the bottom lens.