Solar Microscope by Bianchi; No. 16
Age: c1800-1850
Made by: Bianchi
Made in: Paris
Rue du Coq St honoré 11

This is a Solar Microscope made by Bianchi of Paris c1800. It is designed to be mounted to an outside frame or shutter via two thumbscrews. Manipulation of the external mirror by tilting and/or rotating directs sunlight into the device illuminating the sample. Specimens were usually mounted between two glass plates, then inserted between the stage and spring-loaded top plate. This instrument has a focusable condenser lens allowing the sample to be intensly illuminated. The objective then collects the sample light and projects it onto a card or distant wall. This instrument has a rack and pinion focusing mechanism as well as a rack and pinion condenser lens. The microscope is signed "Bianchi, Rue du Coq St. Honore, Paris". 25cm tall.

Contact: Steven Ruzin, Ph.D Director of the CNR Biological Imaging Facility
Curator of The Golub Collection
located in
Valley Life Sciences Building, Onderdonk Lobby
The University of California at Berkeley, USA
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